We are honored to partner the students, parents, teachers, and staff at Capitol Hill Montessori at Logan (CHML) in Capitol Hill (Ward 6) for our first pilot program.

We are thrilled to work with CHML for a second year! Starting in November 2016, students in 2nd - 5th grades will participate in The Logan Club, an after-school club that meets once a week. The project will offer a rigorous integrated enrichment program aligned with the DCPS standards in English Language Arts and History. The students will pick up where they left off by pulling more content from primary sources and finding corresponding imagery to create a storyline about the history of their school community for the final exhibit.

Students will enhance critical thinking and life skills as they research and explore places, maps, people, photos, timelines, documents, artifacts, and more. They will also be expected to work together to problem solve and discover interesting facts that relate to their storyline. Through field trips and guest speakers, students will work closely with local historical institutions to learn research techniques and interact with historical artifacts. They will experience many types of professions by interacting with curators, historians, collections managers, librarians, docents, exhibit designers, videographers, and photographers.

By the end of the school year, students will provide the content for the creation of a compelling exhibit that the entire community can take pride in and learn from. With a targeted reveal in fall 2017, the exhibit will have digital and physical elements that can be added to for years to come.


School leaders know how important our connection to community is. Story of Our Schools is an excellent way for school leaders to engage with our neighboring communities to create a shared story that provides endless opportunities for conversations and connections.


Story of Our Schools is a wonderful enrichment program giving students opportunities to think like a historian - critically, analytically and with an open mind - an important skill for success in school and life.